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Annaite +1200R24 300  20PR Photo 008
12.00R24 ANNAITE 300 160/157K 20PR
ANNAITE 1200R24.ANN.300
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Annaite + 315-70R22.5 366
315/70R22.5 ANNAITE 366 156/150L 18PR
Cooler running compound, lower heat build-up excellent wear resistance. Straight groove design, good water drainage, uniform wear, comfortable ride. Designed for steering axel of trucks on highway and other good roads. ANNAITE 315/70R22.5.ANN.366
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Annaite + 315-70R22.5 785
315/70R22.5 ANNAITE 785 154/150M 18PR
TMS Low-temperature mixing technology and compound offering super milleage Special pattern design with excellent resistance to uneven wear Single-oriented pattern providengood traction and handling ANNAITE 315/70R22.5.ANN.785
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Annaite + 315-80R22.5 366
315/80R22.5 ANNAITE 366
Stripped pattern design reduces tyre rolling resistance, tyre is more cost effective. Prevent stone retention, improved service life. Closed tyre shoulder design improves wear resistance Zigzag sipe design improve wet skid resistance and reduces tyre noise. ANNAITE 315/80R22.5.ANN.366
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