Who we are ?

Bedelco is an international supplier of tyres and vehicles located in Belgium. We have been trading with mining and cement industries since more than 20 years to market our first range of products : the OTR tyres.

Since 2006 Bedelco has developed its own tyre brand : LEVEL™, to propose to (to offer its customers) its customers big sized tyres at a competitive price.
Bedelco has also been official dealer of the famous Belarussian manufacturer Belshina since 2009.

Through the years, the range of tyres has been expending and the company is now diversified in OTR, industrial, agricultural, truck and aircraft tyres.

Bedelco Al Djazaïr has been incorporated as limited company in February 2010. This subsidiary is dedicated to the Algerian market and is located near Algiers international airport. It is introduced in big Algerian companies such as : ENAGEO, ENTP, ENAFOR, COSIDER, ALTRO, ALGRAN, EPTP, SNVI, ETRHB,  MDN, DGSN, ...

At the beginning of 2011 BEDELCO developed its commercial relationship with Belarus and thus is able to perform strategic purchasing in Eastern Europe or Russia.

In 2011 BEDELCO signed a distribution contract for Africa with MAZ, the Belarussian truck and bus manufacturer.

In 2012 BEDELCO bought Company “Pneumaxx” in Romania, now renamed “Bedelco East Europe”. This subsidiary is dedicated to the Romanian market only and deals with new and retread tyres. It has a complete network with 4 facilities for tyre servicing and 9 points of sale.

Bedelco East Europe owns a Marangoni retreading plant with a capacity of 18000 retread tyres per year (Brand : CEREMAXX).

Since 2014, thanks to its purchasing office in China, BEDELCO has had privileged relationship with the Chinese aircraft tyres manufacturers and is therefore in a position to directly supply its numerous customers’needs all over the world.

Since 2014 also, BEDELCO has been the official dealer of Triangle brand : truck and OTR tyres.

Fulfillment of customer’s requirements and respect of delivery time are our priority. BEDELCO proposes the right tyre for the job, with a good quality for the price.

We have a large stock of tyres available in Western Europe.

Nowadays, BEDELCO group accounts for an annual turnover of 25 million euros and 52 employees spread around its offices.