315/70R22.5 ANNAITE 366 156/150L 18PR

REF. 315/70R22.5.ANN.366

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Cooler running compound, lower heat build-up excellent wear resistance. Straight groove design, good water drainage, uniform wear, comfortable ride. Designed for steering axel of trucks on highway and other good roads.


Model 366
Size-Truck 315/70R22.5
Structure Type Radial
Tube Type TL
Tread Pattern-Truck Highway
Overall Diameter (mm) 1011
Overall Width (mm) 311
Rim size 9.00
Load Index 156/150
Load Capacity (kg) 3750/3350
Speed Index-Truck L
Max Speed at max Inflate Pressure (km/h) 120
Applications-Truck Truck
InflatePressure (Kpa) 900
Nombre de pli 18