225/70R19.5 TRIANGLE TR685 128/126L 14PR

REF. 225/70R19.5.TRI.TR685

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Cooler running compound, lower heat build-up, excellent wear resistance. Good water drainage, uniform wear, comfortable ride. Low rolling resistance and fuel consumption. Designed for steering axel of trucks on highway and other good roads.


Model TR685
Size-Truck 225/70R19.5
Structure Type Radial
Tube Type TL
Tread Pattern-Truck Autoroute
Overall Diameter (mm) 811
Overall Width (mm) 226
Rim size 6.75
Load Index 162/160
Load Capacity (kg) 1800/1700
Speed Index-Truck L
Max Speed at max Inflate Pressure (km/h) 120
Applications-Truck Poids lourds
InflatePressure (Kpa) 760